Over 45 Years of Service
Independence County Abstract Company has been serving the people of Independence County for over 45 years. Beginning with preparing abstracts, updating abstracts, title searches, lien searches, and tax searches, to writing title insurance for all real estate transactions, Independence County Abstract Company has continued to offer the most current and efficient forms of proving land title ownership. The Company was officially approved to prepare abstracts on lands acquired by the federal government on November 29, 1963. Making and updating abstracts was the major source of business during the 1960's and 1970's.
Writing Title Insurance Commitments and Policies
In 1984, Independence County Abstract Company began writing owner's and mortgagee's title insurance commitments and policies for real estate transactions involving sales and mortgages while continuing to make and update abstracts, along with the many other services required. When the need for real estate abstracts diminished in the early 1990's, the overwhelming demand for title insurance took the place of the abstract business. No longer were the owners, lenders and attorneys required to store the sometimes burdensome abstracts, some of which could be as large as, or larger, than a Sears catalog. The expense of having an abstract made from the earliest records and not knowing what the cost would be, or how many weeks it would take to prepare the abstract, was no longer questions that would be answered at a later date when completed. Title insurance and search fees were more readily available from rate schedules which were previously calculated and the buyers and sellers could be given the costs at the same time as the order was given. Also, in 1984, Independence County Abstract Company became the first title company in Independence County to use a computer to search for judgments, tax liens, and various court cases in Independence County involving the buyers, borrowers, and sellers. This was the beginning of faster turn around times for each order.
Network Computer Servers and Imaging Systems
At the present date Independence County Abstract Company has a network of eight workstations in the office that allows each station to search for deeds, mortgages, judgments, tax liens, and any other instruments that affect title to land records. Once found those documents are shown as images that can be viewed and studied for research purposes or can be printed for any need requiring a hard copy. All land records filed in Independence County are updated daily to the computer network server so that current records are always available What once took weeks or even months to process an order now takes only a few days.

Publishing our Title Plant on Canaan Online
Thanks to Canaan Title Solutions, LLC located in Hardy, Arkansas, these same records are available for public access for a minimal fee by going to the website www.canaanllc.com. Select "Canaan Online" for services.

Leader in Services
Independence County Abstract Company has always been  the leader in making strides to improve the process of searching titles and closing real estate sales and loans. Our office has been active in the closing and settlement services for real estate transactions since 1984. Cash sales, purchase money loans by banks, sellers and other individuals, FmHA, FHA, VA and Conventional loans, including all types of refinance loans, are among the types of closings our office services each week. With three experienced closers and a closing assistant you can be assured your real estate closing will be processed as swiftly and as carefully as possible. We at Independence County Abstract Company are here to serve you and look forward to your next visit to our office.